Southeast Ohio Flooding

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Over the past two weeks, the Ohio River has flooded businesses and houses in the Foothills District communities of Belpre, Marietta, Racine and Pomeroy. As we offer prayers for those suffering from loss of property and hope, it’s time to join together to “put hands and feet to the Gospel” and show our river communities how the power of love can overcome the forces of nature. Will your church or small group begin assembling buckets again? The Foothills District office will serve as the collection point for the completed buckets. Please have your buckets to us by March 9.

SPECIFIC instructions for assembling a bucket may be found here:

We will possibly be asking for folks to join teams to assist with clean up. You don't have to be ERT certified; just willing to get dirty and spend some time showing survivors you care about them. If you are interested in helping, please contact the Foothills District office. No specifics are in place at this point - we will wait until damage is assessed. Please consider both of these ministries - thank you!

Grace and peace,
Rev. Dr. Dennis W. Miller
Foothills District Superintendent