DS' Recommended Readings

Greetings! I know your personal time is precious. However, you will find below a list of books that I highly recommend that you take the time to read. As you do, please feel free to share my recommendations with your fellow colleagues and friends. -Dennis Miller

Unholiness: Overcoming the Forces that Attack Your Soul by Christopher Bounds & Jim Lo. There are very natural (and even supernatural) enemies against God's design, conspiring from within us and without our own flesh, our own world, and the demonic. Commonly known as sin, this unholy trinity is the mother of all manner of suffering and death. Worse yet, the human struggle with sin can often be compounded by popular misconceptions about it in religion. Authors Chris Bounds and Jim Lo return our minds and hearts to a clear, biblical understanding of the real problem of sin, and God's simple and perfect remedy: transforming a soul into what's holy.

Hit the Ground Kneeling: Seeing Leadership Differently by Stephen Cottrell. Hit the Ground Kneeling takes common statements about leadership - statements that we often take for granted - and questions them in the light of Christian faith and Christian perspectives on leadership. Ideal for Christians in leadership roles, this is a timely antidote to the glut of self- help, quick-fix management books!

Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It by Adam Hamilton. John Wesley’s message and his faith continue to speak to 21st-century Christians—calling for a revival of our hearts and souls so that our world might be changed. In this book, Adam Hamilton follows the life of John Wesley and explores his defining characteristics of a Wesleyan Christian. Wesley’s story is our story. It defines our faith and it challenges us to rediscover our spiritual passion.

Autopsy of a Deceased Church: 12 Ways to Keep Yours Alive by Thom Rainer. No one wants to see a church die. And yet, far too many churches are dying. For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Thom Rainer has helped churches grow, reverse the trends of decline, and has autopsied those that have died. From this experience, he has discovered twelve consistent themes among those churches that have died. Yet, it’s not gloom and doom because from those twelve themes, lessons on how to keep your church alive have emerged.

Just Say Yes! Unleashing People for Ministry by Bishop Robert Schnase. In this book, Schnase examines the systems and attitudes that restrain and control ministry. He demonstrates practical ways church leaders can rethink fundamental assumptions about organizations and leadership. Real-church examples show how every church can unleash its people for ministry—encouraging, emboldening, and equipping them.

The Grasshopper Myth: Big Churches, Small Churches and the Small Thinking that Divides Us by Karl Vaters. This book challenges some of the presuppositions many have held about church growth, church size and church success. It offers real-life examples of the struggles that are unique to Small Churches and their leaders, and it offers practical suggestions from many sources.