District & Conference Grants

We are so excited in the Foothills District to invest money in our congregations to partner with you in order to help create meaningful life-changing ministry!! We want every local church - no matter its size - to be challenged and equipped to make new disciples of Jesus Christ by taking risks and being involved in life-giving ministry. We want to put your district & conference apportionments to work by supporting emerging ministries that create opportunities to engage people outside the church. If you have questions, feel free to contact Dennis Miller (DS), Robbie Scott (ADS), or Sherri Rogers at the district office.

2015 Foothills District Grants total - $67,000

  • Lifewell Free Store- $2500- to minister to the people in the Putnam Street area of Zanesville
  • Meigs Cooperative Parish- $4000- to minister to the people in Meigs County
  • Jackson Area Ministries- $2500- to work projects throughout SE Ohio
  • Lifewell @ West Main- $4400- to work with at risk children and their families in Zanesville
  • Good Works Inc- $2400 to work with Teen Interns so they can impact the Athens community
  • C.A.R.E. Outreach- $4000- to come alongside those who struggle in Vinton County
  • Club Jesus- $2000- to help feed those who are struggling in the Euclid Ave area of Zanesville
  • Amesville Cooperative Parish- $1500 –to help support outreach programs in the Amesville area
  • Belpre Area Ministries- $5200 –to help support the people in the Belpre area.
  • District Camping Ministry- $2000 - to offer camp scholarships and needed camp equipment
  • District Youth Ministry - $2000 to nurture ministry to and with our youth
  • Foothills District Leadership Development- $18,500 - Smaller/Larger churches are assisted in building fruitful leadership on a local level
  • Foothills District Pastoral Support - $6,000
  • Foothills District Emergency Fund - $10,000 will go to 2 district churches in an emergency situation.

In addition to our District Grants, 2015 West Ohio Conference Grants to the Foothills District total - $258,770

  • Lifewell Free Store (Zanesville)- $3,000
  • Meigs Cooperative Parish (Meigs County)- $2,000
  • Zanesville First UMC Homeless Shelter- $2,000
  • CARE Outreach (McArthur) - $6,000
  • Hunger Network of Ohio- $1,000
  • Foothills Pastoral Equitable Compensation Fund- $15,000 will be given to 2 local churches to assist in pastoral leadership in strategic locations
  • Campus Ministry Grant- $30,000 will be given to a United Methodist campus ministry in the district to reach college students
  • Camp Otterbein in Logan- $117,270 will be given to help enhance summer camping and retreats
  • Equalization Grant - $25,000 will be given to the Foothills District to assist with leadership development, lay servant ministry and support ministry projects in our region
  • All in the Family/Safe Sanctuary Training- $5,000 will be invested to help us reach the next generation.


We are a Connectional Church as United Methodists. We help people around the world and people around the world help us. Most of what you give in your local church supports your congregation and its chosen missions as well as your community and region. But some of what you give supports the broader church and impacts the whole world. We are better together and our ministry is more complete when we are united in our giving. Thank you for the part you play in the ministries of Jesus Christ through the United Methodist Church!